Tuesday, October 28, 2008

mouth watering home made daily hot specials

Vegetable chilli and rice £3.50

Vegetable chilli, baked potato and cheese £3.50

Wild mushroom stroganoff with wild rice £3.50

Wild mushroom stroganoff with baked potato £3.50

Penne primavera £3.50

Penne, tomato and Mozzarella bake £3.50

Tagliatelle, tomato and Mascapone with roasted vegetables and black olives £3.50

Vegetable Lasagne £3.50

Sweet and sour stir fried vegetables with egg fried rice or noodles £3.50

Chick pea and vegetable cous cous £3.50

Vegetable Korma with pilau rice £3.50

Vegetable Tikka masala with pilau rice £3.50

Tagliatelle Florentine £3.50

Red or green Thai vegetable curry with rice or noodles £3.50

Baked potato with a choice of two salads, baked beans and cheese or coleslaw £2.75

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